Esculent Essentials | Maple

I remember the first time I had maple candy I literally thought I went to Heaven. It was so delicious and sweet at the same time. Pure sugar. Looking at all these different ways of how to utilize maple in pastries just makes me want to buy a bottle of maple syrup and cook up some pancakes! I have to say, even though I’m not Canadian, but all is well because there can never be too much maple!

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Esculent Essentials | Rose

Rose, rose, rose — one of the most classic flowers to define true love, but to add the flavor “rose” in food, beverages must have started out as a revelation! I really do enjoy rose tea, especially the one pictured above. Rose macarons and truffles comes up next. I thought I would like rose champagne/rose wine, but it has a sort of bitter taste that does take some adjustments. I have also come across using rose salt to enhance beef tastes in a couple restaurants (not so much here but very widely loved in Asia). And lastly, who can pass up salmon sushi in the shape of a rose?
Moet Nectar Rose Champagne

Esculent Essentials | Matcha Everything

Matcha matcha matcha, delicious!! My favorite dessert on the world, matcha green tea ice cream. I used to have it once in awhile in Asia at Azabu Sabo. Their matcha tea is also amazing there! A little bit of matcha here and there can add such fun to the world. It is also known to be extremely healthy for you (of course, no sugar). My current love is Kit Kat Matcha Flavor. After having it at work one day I fell in love with them and just bought two large packs today.
Matcha Chocolate Bars | find them in Mistuwa Markets in Southern California
Matcha Macarons | Patisserie Chantilly also makes them amazingly!
Matcha Kit Kat | find them in Mistuwa or Nijiya Markets in Southern California
Matcha Cake from Chantilly