Observant Oasis | Colorblocks, revisited.


A revisit to my favorite colorblock fashion, I loved this dress when I first saw it on Sugarlips! Please check out their website! I love the back of this dress so much it was amazingly cute. Even better is that the dress gives a glimpse of the back without showing too much. Love it. Lots of adorable and cute items on Sugarlips so please check them out.
Featured Dress: Tribeca Bridge Dress
Location: Newport Beach

Observant Oasis | Stripe

Originally I didn’t like stripes very much. I would constantly read in magazines that horizontal stripes makes people look fat etc., and I didn’t really enjoy that. However, I think after a long time, stripes are somewhat pretty, but only if done in the right way. For example, gold and white, black and white, and gray and white are amazing combinations. I think blue and white is nice if one likes nautical looks.
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Observant Oasis | Dots

Polka dots reminds me of being a child when wearing polka dotted dresses were normal. I personally cannot pull off any polka dot clothing but from far away the dress looks completely different. I have to say, colorful polka dots do add some happiness to my daily life, and I think I have fallen in love with those cups (if only).
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Observant Oasis | Color Block

I’ve fallen in love with color block clothing, I actually own a few and didn’t realize how much I liked them. My wardrobe is pretty dark in colors and mostly solids because I enjoy accessorizing. Thus let me introduce you to the color block. Color block still gives the sense of solid colors and easy to accessorize items while creating a new effect. I still stick with the dark color blocks of black vs gray and gray vs white, but I have to say I have grown to like color block fashion lately and see them in every day objects.

Observant Oasis | Bows

I’ve recently been in love with bows, especially bow hairbands. I know it’s a kiddish item, but I feel that given the right color and texture, the bow can also be shown as classic and stylish. I used to wear bows with my skirts on the side. It has always been a cute accessory and I think no one is ever too old if bows are worn correctly.

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Observant Oasis | Lace

Lace lace lace…so beautiful and intricate. I barely own any pieces of lace myself, but I love how with lace, there never seems to be the same no matter what. It keeps a sense of individualism and self while maintaining a feminine side. Hopefully one day I will own a pair of lace shoes that I have been craving after for awhile.

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