Soothing Solace | Santana Row, San Jose


Santana Row | When I attended college, I constantly went to Santana Row during the weekends. Two specific walls were extremely beautiful and the entire pathway just provided a time of silence. Not only were there high end fashion shops to browse and look for items, there were also nice restaurants and cafes to enjoy a nice afternoon. There’s also a theater at the end of the walk for those that need some entertainment. Sometimes I wish I lived closer to Santana Row to enjoy it all over again…


Soothing Solace | Newport Beach

Newport Beach. I’ve been to Fashion Island many times, even went to a couple wine bars out at Newport, but I never really went to the actual beach. If you look closely at the middle picture it seems that the sand reaches forever. Honestly, I thought so too while I was walking in the sand, until I finally hit the side a realized there was an small cliff. Lo and behold, Newport Beach seems to have an elevated cliff with just a small strip of sand between the land and ocean. If you want a close look at the ocean, Newport Beach is the way to go. You feel so close to the ocean at an elevated ledge which makes you wonder, where did all the sand go?

Soothing Solace | Pismo Beach

Pismo Beach. Farther away than most of the beaches here in Southern California, the perfect distance to get away from the craziness of Los Angeles, but close enough to feel somewhat near. The beach is absolutely gorgeous and it has been rumored that you can find sea glass at one of these beaches. I have yet to find sea glass (last time around I found a lot of sand dollars, will have to take a picture one day and dig up the old pictures), but I do hope to be in luck someday to find sea glass.

Soothing Solace | Japanese Tea Garden, San Francisco

Japanese Tea Garden in San Francisco was an amazing place to be. There is also one in Los Angeles in Descanso Garden, but being in San Francisco made it seemed more like Japan than ever. There were beautiful maple leaves, cherry blossoms, and bonsai trees. We also enjoyed Ochazuke which is rice immersed in green tea. Given San Francisco’s cold weather, the ochazuke was delicious.
Japanese Tea Garden (San Francisco Golden Gate Park)
75 Hagiwara Tea Garden Drive, San Francisco, CA 94118
Open Daily

Soothing Solace | Descanso Garden, Los Angeles

Went to Descanso Garden the other weekend and saw the most amazing flowers. Will have to return in Spring for the lilacs! We also encountered daddy and mommy geese with their babies, so adorable. I would suggest going early in the morning as the midday sun is pretty intense in this area. Also, the garden isn’t as big as the map makes it, so a full day at the garden is more than enough time!