Vibrant Visuals | Birds


Lately I’ve been fascinated by these birds. Their colors are so bright and vibrant…it’s almost as if there is no possible way that they exist. Perhaps it is my inner need to fly out into the world and leave all my worries behind which has transcended into my blog. Regardless, these birds look so beautiful and delicate…perhaps it is time to take up bird watching!

Vibrant Visuals | Peacocks

The other day driving back to Los Angeles from Arcadia, I saw peacocks. I thought I was crazy and after taking some sad iPhone pictures (the quality is horrible) of these beautiful creatures, I had to find out why these peacocks were there. Apparently these peacocks are from the nearby Arcadia Arboretum (wow). Amazing. The last place I saw peacocks was in a zoo, somewhere in Australia….

Vibrant Visuals | Doors

When visiting a friend or when waiting for your family and friends to visit, sometimes the front door isn’t always open. However, have you noticed that someone’s front door can mean a lot? I remember that my mom was designing our new front door to give the entire community a glimpse of what the house inside may be like — perhaps a snippet of the happiness that is within those doors. Regardless, these are some beautiful doors that I have seen and I have to say, having a stained glass pantone door seems ethereal.

Red | Orange | Yellow | Blue | Gray | Pantone
Green | Bright Blue | Yellow | Orange | Purple

Vibrant Visuals | Reflection Photography

I have an awe for reflection photography, it is one of the hardest photography to make beautiful pictures. These are some of the ones I looked at recently and fell in love with. The clover one is exceptionally beautiful, at first glance you can’t see much, but look closer and the entire forest is within the little vase. The puzzle picture is adorable, too! And I had to add the water droplet picture — those are just so breathtaking.

Vibrant Visuals | Flowers in Food

I’ve been seeing a lot of flowers being incorporated into food items, especially ice cubes. Somehow, the ice cubes makes the flower seem even more delicate! The entire dish looks more lively with these splashes of color. Will I ever make these? Probably not. I’m not too sure how I would feel about having flowers in my food, but it definitely is fun to look at!

Vibrant Visuals | Food Arrangements

I remember seeing a list on Eatocracy from CNN of the top 50 restaurants in the world. At that time I also wanted to join a Pinterest contest and ended up looking for visuals of all the foods that were presented in these various restaurants. I’ve always been interested in trying new restaurants and all, but I did not realize how beautiful the arrangement of these courses were! I hope someday to enjoy these courses in real life.

All images are found on Pinterest.
Schauenstein Schloss.
Hof Van Cleve.
Per Se.
De Librije.